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First Appearances of the Barricade Boys + Marius

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some forest speedpaints i did, all referencing a photo

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#you can make an entire movie if you take all scenes in which aragorn is so fucking tired of everyone’s shit

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cosmicbooks replied to your post: helloooooooo

oh my gooooood

my hair is awful in that photo i know i’m sorry

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jehan mentioning how much he loves looking up at the stars in an offhand comment to grantaire once, then coming back from a night at courf’s to find the artist passed out on his sofa and the night sky painted on his ceiling 

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nyurla: question about a post you made a year ago, number 53634987239. did you make the poem yourself? it's really lovely. :3

i did haha thank you i’m glad you liked it! xxx

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